Tracking Sence
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Track anything over any distance

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"He is a skilled tracker. He catches the essence of a person's mind and then follows it like a scent over any distance."
―Entry on Demetri's gift

Sensory location is Demetri's power to find any living thing from any distance.


By coming across the "tenor" of an individual's mind and locking on it, Demetri can find said individual no matter where they are. He is known as the greatest tracker in the world, far superior even to James. Because of this, the Cullens believed that killing Demetri would be one of their priorities if it came to open war with the Volturi in Breaking Dawn. Renesmee, Bella and Edward's daughter, was the primary target on the Cullens' side, and they knew that if somehow Renesmee did escape with her life, Demetri would be sent to find her and bring her to the Volturi for "justice". It is also commented on in Breaking Dawn that, if Demetri's power didn't make him the greatest tracker in the world, Aro would have replaced him by now, as Aro doesn't surround himself with "second best".


It is believed that only a mental shield such as Bella Swan's can render this power impotent. Demetri can only link to a target once he has physically met that person, or he can pick up a person's trail from anyone who has met them in the past.

Similar abilitiesEdit

  • Alistair also has a similar power though he is not nearly as precise or efficient as Demetri, because he only feels a "pull" towards whatever he wants.
  • The tracker, James, possessed a similar skill, though it worked physically and thus less efficient as it could easily be led astray.