Sensory Deprivation
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Remove all five senses of another

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"Alec cuts off all physical senses - sight, touch, hearing, etc. - from anyone, human or vampire. He is also able to extend his power over a large group of humans or vampires at the same time. His gift manifests as a mist, nearly invisible, that moves slowly away from himself toward his object, blanketing all the space in between. He is able to project this mist several hundred meters. He can also control who his mist affects, allowing the other Volturi soldiers to kill his senseless victims easily."

―Entry on Alec's gift

Sensory deprivation is Alec's power to cut off people's senses: sight, taste, smell, touch, and hearing. It is known as one of the most powerful gifts in vampire history.


Alec can apply it to more than one person at the same time, and it takes the form of a slow white mist -like fog- that gradually makes its way towards the victim. It is the opposite power of Jane's gift but is equally powerful. The Volturi would use it to paralyze their victims if they felt kind towards them, so that they wouldn't feel the pain of being killed. It can be used like an anesthetic. But this doesn't happen often. The only example given is: If there are witnesses to a unforgivable crime, Aro may feel kind to them, as they have done no wrong; they have only witnessed and not committed a crime. But they still need to be destroyed.When his power touches Bella's shield, she says that she can "taste" the power and that it has a dense, sweet, cloying flavor. It reminds her dimly of the numbness of Novocain on the tongue. He can also manipulate the effects into merely incapacitating few senses, or incapacitate them all at once.


Although this gift is powerful and works on an entire group at the same time, it takes several seconds to take effect on the victim as the mist flows toward him. During this time, the enemy can either attempt to escape or attack the user before his power takes effect. It also only lasts for as long as he is able to focus, and on whoever is in his sight. For this reason, Alec is often protected by the Volturi guard, allowing him to use his power without interruption. In Breaking Dawn, Alec attempts to cut off the Cullens' senses and those of their allies while they talk about the punishment to be given, but thanks to Bella's shield, his ability is deemed useless.

Furthermore, this ability only nullifies the five basic senses, and does not affect any form of perception outside of the said five.

Similar abilitiesEdit

  • Zafrina: Her ability to create illusions is strong enough to block the sense of sight.