Mental Invisibility
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Shield / Illusion



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Become invisible to others mentally

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Mental invisibility is Bradley and Afton's power to make themselves mentally invisible to others.

to Afton, It can also hide someone if he is directly standing in front of them, with Bradley, it can shield several people at once. This power works by making pursuers think they are invisible.


"Afton has a minor shielding skill, but it is limited by the fact that he cannot project it outside of himself. He has the ability to make himself invisible to attackers, but someone with a strong focus can see through the illusion. A person standing directly behind him can be hidden, too, but this is not a very reliable safeguard."
―Entry on Afton's gift

It has been explained that this power is very limited and much weaker than a real shield in that it can only "shield" the user. with Afton, if someone has a strong ability of focus, he can easily see past the invisibility, with bradley it works more effectively on his targets. Since this power takes place in the mind, it most likely has no effect against Bella's shield.

Bradley CullenEdit

Bradley Hale's version of the gift is far more powerful than Afton's, people aren't able to see past his illusion, apart from Bella and her shield. He is able to shield several people at once, most gifts wouldn't be able to affect him as his persuers would be looking for a mind they couldn't see, Edward can still read his mind, Jasper can't manipulate his mood, because they are unreadable emotions

Similar abilitiesEdit

  • Bella Swan shows the power to block any power that affects the mind. Since Afton's power works on a mental basis, it can most likely be rendered impotent by her shield.
  • Renata shows the power to divert physical attacks by making the attacker want to go the other way.
  • Fred has the ability of Physical Repulsion that causes a person to not be able to look at him making him, in a sense, invisible to that person.
  • Reece has the strong ability to become unnoticable to others