Biographical information

Around 1350 BC, Greece

Perpetual age
  • 19 (books)
  • Mid-40s (films)
Physical description




Hair color
  • Black
Eye color
  • Red
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color
  • Pale
  • Translucent
Family information
Family members
Special characteristics

Basic vampire abilities

Special abilities

Relationship identification


Volturi Leader



"At least our dispute with the Cullens is over."
—Marcus as he receives a note about Carlisle's newest addition to his coven.[src]

Marcus is one of the three leaders the Volturi. He possesses the gift of relationship identification, allowing him to see the emotional ties between others. He was the husband of Didyme until she was killed by Aro. The death of his wife caused him into a state of withdraw, introverted state. He is only kept in the coven by Chelsea's power over his loyalty.


Early LifeEdit

"He is the vampire that had the greatest love of all times. And lost the greatest love of all times."
—Christopher Heyerdahl[src]

Marcus became a vampire at the age of 19.

New MoonEdit

the volturi met edward and had him expose himself to humans.

Breaking DawnEdit

Main article: Breaking Dawn

In Alice's vision, near the end of the battle, Marcus is out in the open, unprotected, giving Stefan and Vladimir a chance to carry out their revenge against the Volturi. He spreads his arms out, muttering "Finally", and they grab his arms, twist them around him, breaking off his upper half of the body, along with his arms, killing him quickly. But since Alice convinced Aro to change his "course", the battle never occurred and Marcus left with the rest of his coven.

Physical AppearancesEdit



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