250 pxunknown vamp

Biographical information


Perpetual age


Physical description




Hair color

Dark brown/black

Eye color
  • Crimson (as a newborn)
  • Black (when thirsty)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
  • Unnamed parents
  • Unnamed brother
  • Unnamed sister
  • Seattle newborn army
Special characteristics
  • Basic Vampire abilities
  • Improved speed

College student (human life)


Seattle newborn army

Kristie is a gifted vampire from Victoria's newborn army. She survived the battles of the Cullens and the Seattle Newborn Army. After the fight, she became leader of a vampire coven, and also has four members in her group.


Early lifeEdit

Kristie definitely never has been a country girl, she was a every where girl. Growing up in a military family had Kristie moving around place to place. Eventually her family had settled in Seattle, Washington where Kristie has grown up most of her life. However, In adolescence, Kristie began to become very involved with crime, and starting shoplifting with her friends before she expanded her horizon. Eventually, Kristie joined up with a gang at her high school, but was unaware of what she got in when she joined. Eventually, she tried to pack out after seeing several people murdered in a gang fight. Kristie was severely beaten nearly to death until Riley Biers came to her rescue. He slaughtered that entire gang, brought her to Victoria and she turned her into a vampire right as Kristie was about to die from internal bleeding.

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