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Corin is a female vampire member of the Volturi guard.


Early LifeEdit

Born during the early centuries, Corin was raised by her family. She was very spoiled in nature, and wanted to go out exploring. Her father would always punish her, and send her to a place where she would learn to become a servant. Corin hated her life until everything turned around for her. This was when she met the Volturi and she was turned into a vampire.

Corin enjoyed her eternal life as a vampire, and endured to feast on humans. She was annoyed by Heidi, who only brings elderly humans to eat. Sometimes, she would sneak out and would try to find a perfect victim to feed on. When she was about kill a young boy, Heidi prevented Corin from killing the child, allowing him to run. Corin was enraged and fought her across the city, preventing themselves from making a scene. This was when they were stopped by the Volturi guards and took them back into their lair. Aro was displeased, but Corin told him that it was Heidi's fault for starting it. She was angry that Aro couldn't kill her own fisher, and gave her a warning to never sneak out.

Physical AppearanceEdit


Powers and Abilities: Addictive ContentmentEdit

Main Article: Addictive Contentment

Corin is gifted with the supernatural talent of inducing in others feelings of contentment for his or her situation. Her talent can be comparable to that of Didyme's "Happiness Induction"; although rather than bringing out the positive feelings of happiness and joy, Corin instead brings out feelings of contentment and ease in a person, despite his or her situation. There is a drug-like side-effect to her gift to those who experience it often, as they may begin to feel unwell and uneasy without it.

Although it is not explained whether this gift is mental or physical, by the way it works it may be assumed to be a more physical gift, working similarly to Jasper Hale's empathy.

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